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Social Media- A boon or bane?

In recent years, Social media has come of age in terms of its potency as a platform to exercise and expand democracy as a weapon to fight against prevailing societal evils. Some of the incidents took centre stage and became historical movements just because of their presence in social media. Social media has time and again proved its efficacy in turning issues into agenda. Anna Hazare’s movement would not have gathered so much of T.R.P if it was not backed by social media platforms. Same can be cited for Yoga Guru Ramdev’s protest.


PM Manmohan Singh recently expressed concern over spreading of hate messages across social media platform to spark communal tension as a worrying trend. Apart from these, there are volumes of controversies that popped up recently having connection with social media platforms. Instances like- Arundhati Roy’s open support for Naxalism , criticism against Kapil Sibal and many more are worth mentioning.

The most recent entry to the list is arrest of cartoonist Aseem Trivedi for his controversial cartoons. Sedition charges were brought against him though he was released later on bail.


No coin is devoid of flip sides and social media is no exception. Some people use it for their own vested interest and diminish the stature of social platforms with its ill use. So called celebrities like Poonam ‘Strip’ Pandey and a league of fellow extraordinary ladies and gentlemen see this platform of convergence as a recliner for promoting adultery.

Also cyber crimes are on a hike in these social media platforms. Morphing of photos, obscene videos, hacking accounts have proliferated like anything and are very tough to monitor and regulate.

This debate is never ending and ultimately it is left to the discretion of users how they treat this platform of expression and their actions will determine the future course deeds- a regime of ballot or bullet!

India is a democratic country where the citizens have the freedom of speech and expression. Hence, while using social media platforms for expressing one’s views and opinions, it is crucial to think of the impact that will be laid on the mass. A positive impact is welcome but a negative one can mar the democracy. Whether you are a common man, an entrepreneur, a politician or a celebrity, it is very important to remain cautious while addressing the masses through social media.

Whether you are a newbie in social media or an experienced person well versed about such platform, there’s no harm in taking advice from reputed companies that offer social media marketing services in Mumbai. There are a number of companies offeringsocial media marketing services in Mumbai. Webvriksha is one such company dedicated in offering quality services and has a team of experts proficient in social media marketing services in Mumbai. They remain on their toes to provide you the best services possible. So, take counseling from such reckoned companies to harness the potential of social media platforms and leave all your worries behind!

ONLINE Media spelling doom for TRADITIONAL Media

All of us have witnessed an unimaginable growth of online media in recent decades, isn’t it? In fact, the rapidly magnifying stature of online media is seen as a threat for the old or traditional media. Earlier print medium of communicating news and views happened to be the lone choice for the people. Although with the course of time Radio and Television joined the mainstream and were instant hit with the masses but even then these modern forms of media were unable to stand as a stern replacement for the newspapers.

However, with ever increasing user traffic converging on various social media platforms and online portals to meet their needs for news is a worrying trend and it is starting to spell doom for the age old broadsheet. Hike in the prices of the traditional media resources is cited as a prime cause behind the shift of user orientation towards new media. To compensate its low market share as compared to free online news sources and social media content, newspapers have raised their worth.

Users are granted absolute free access to majority of the social media websites and most online news sources. To add to its popularity instant access to facts and figures through diverse channels of information are enhancing user’s gratification in the realm of online media. By all means traditional media is starring at a bleak future and things don’t look like getting changed.

Traditional media conglomerates have a strong presence in Twitter, Facebook or even Google+. World leaders in print such as The Times, The New York Times and The Guardian are appearing online as e-papers just as to cope up with changing dynamics of media.


Online media although criticized for its unregulated freedom of expression has given periphery voices a chance to make them heard. Research reveals youngsters are more inclined to Facebook for their current affair queries than newspapers. Digital and social media are the need of day for Gen-Y. If we go by statistical trends, in coming years one can only imagine traditional media sources in museums and history books.

The digital revolution has influenced our lives to such an extent that instead of dipping their toe in the pool, now the traditional media should dive in, head first to gain an edge over online media.

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Navaratri: The mercury is soaring high

Lights, camera and action! Yes this is it. The eager wait is over. For the next nine days we will marinate our souls into festive fervor of Navaratri. We will be offering our prayers to Maa Durga in her different avatars and the mercury of excitement has already touched the acme. People from all walks of life will be soaking festive charms transcending boundaries of class, creed and every damn hurdle that kept us separate from the spirit of universal brotherhood. It’s the time of the year when we will be buffering our long held stereotypes and prejudices of communalism and will show our fidelity to the divine power that unites us against all odds. People are buying gifts for their family and loved ones and with more number of people getting fervent with shopping fever this festive season, online stores are also gearing up for increasing their sales prospects.

Shopping online has become a craze among shoppers who want to flaunt in style. They look for reputed stores with shopping cart facilities and easy payment gateways. If you are one among small, medium or large business entrepreneurs willing to tap more revenue this season, approach expert web design company in India that can help in enhancing your websites with feature rich and easy to navigate options. This will not only help in promoting your products or services but also lend an unmatched shopping experience to customers and increase your site traffic. Optimum satisfaction to the customers in easy selection and purchase of designer dresses, fashion accessories or other gift items, will make them visit your online store time and again, asking for more!

online shopping
online shopping

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It’s time to ornate your Navratri experience with rich flavors and colors of the festive season. Go get ready for great joys and rampant shopping activities!

Pin your interests in a different way!

“You raze the old to raise the new.” Well, there is a new kid in the block of social media platforms that is making quite a buzz! No prizes for guessing, it is Pinterest, the social network with a difference!

If you are virgin to this territory, it is a social media platform in which you can browse for unrestrained things and share on your board. You did it with your Facebook ‘wall’. The most enticing thing that will pin you to Pinterest is the re-pinning and raising comments and likes. The last two definitely appears like old wine in a new bottle! What say? Basically it is about searching the world of interest.

Sounds interesting? Now, let’s take you to the real ride! Unless invited by somebody else you can’t sign up with Pinterest unlike any other hooking sites. This makes a statement about its exclusiveness. Pinterest will definitely act as your online diary. You can’t go overboard with your pub update or beach party what Facebook and Twitter allowed you to do. Even professionals and B2B companies can enjoy affiliate marketing through this platform and share images and thoughts that is of some public interest.


Like Facebook, Pinterest allows to share one’s interests with a particular group and vice-versa. You will be sharing plethora of graphic ideas and thoughts with your friends or customers in a pictorial approach.  Even the internet marketers are making hay with this site by promoting their goods more effectively than ever.

People say pictures speak thousand words! Although the site is still in its infancy one can be rest assured about its supremacy in pinning down other social media sites in coming days.

This site has turned out to be very popular these days and Internet Marketing Company in Mumbai, having professional social media experts are reaping great benefits. Webvriksha, a reputed Internet Marketing company in Mumbai, specializes in using social media platforms and effective tools for promoting the business of their clients and in building relationships with their prospective customers by communicating with those who follow the clients’ board and pin images. Ideal for blogger outreach and link building it can take your business to new heights of success altogether. It’s time to keep oneself updated about the latest social media trends and Internet Marketing company in Mumbai to ensure long term success in business.

Growing importance of copywriting and content writing in present era

Search Engine Optimization is the paramount requisite of any online market resulting into an upward demand for qualified content and copy writers to serve the SEO needs of different companies. For a company with an online presence a rich content is the best medium by which they can attract visitors and convert them into their potential customers.

Content writing plays an important role in website marketing because it helps an entrepreneur to communicate with the customers.A content writer pens for websites and blogs of different companies or individuals. A research is made on a  particular product or service and is presented before the online audience for the company’s promotion. It becomes crucial for content writers to include appropriate keywords in a website for taking it to top most position in various search  engines. A rich content minus complex sentences and grammatical errors is often appreciated by website surfers.Copy writingdiffers in various aspects from content writing. It inclines more towards promotional style of writing where you  are attracting people to buy your service or product through various stratagems. It showcases the various strong points of a company’s product or service for its sale. In Copy writing one has to imbibe communicating style in his writing. It is  targeted directly towards the prospective customers. Copy writers use certain methods such as taglines, effective web content, direct advertisements, online advertisements, persuasive emails and many other marketing strategies for business  campaign.

Content writers and copy writers equally need to have a knack of writing in their respective professions. Content writing does not involve writing with mere stuffing of keywords. A keyword overfed content does not sound appealing for  visitors.If the information related to the product or service of a company is not well presented before the viewers, then it’s tough to associate them with your business. Originality of web content matters a lot for search engine ranking. To avoid  plagiarism, content writers can use numerous plagiarism-checker websites where they can register free and check the uniqueness of their content prior to publishing. This will save the company website from loss of search engine rank under  content duplication.Likewise for flawless copy writing,Knowledge of marketing is a must.Being a copywriter you need to understand the psychology of a customer before creating content for a company. Attention seizing captions, use of precise   and straight words, ‘call to action’ usage are some of the domains in which a copywriter has to endeavour. This process is simple if you write from customer’s point of view. You can also take online free lessons for writing commendably.

Barfi lands in trouble waters with allegations of plagiarism

At a time when film makers across the globe are trying to go beyond cramped quarters of reality to try new experiments with meta- narratives, we are still contented with worst Ramsay Brothers offerings and copy-pasting of hit Hollywood flicks. We thump our reel  ventures to be maturing fast and thick and now  even Academy Awards don’t seem mirage with slum movies! But even after all this, we practice film making like treating stolen cars! Just changing the body outside and keeping the core intact has turned out to be the mantra. Be it the Bhatts or the YRF, the same ‘dirty picture’ prevails all throughout.

Latest controversy that is catching limelight these days is about recent blockbuster Barfi’s plot. After Gangster and Murder, Anurag Basu mesmerised the viewers with Barfi with his so called unique script. Barfi was like a breath of fresh air for Indian film making and was seen by critics as breakthrough of a new era of film making in Bollywood.


But all these have turned into a really big fuss! Anurag’s credibility and creativity as an experimental director have come under scanner with numerous film blogs and magazines alleging the story of Barfi to be a facsimile of some of the all time hit Hollywood classics. The moments are alleged to be stolen from or influenced by films like  Buster Keaton’s Cops (1922), Black Cat, White Cat (1988), Mr Bean’s Holiday, The Notebook (2004), Mr Nobody (2009), Korean film Oasis (2002), Jackie Chan’s Project A (1983), Chaplin’s City Lights (1931), The Goonies (1985); Kikujiro, Benny & Joon (1993) and Fried Green Tomatoes (1991).

Yes! Mr Basu has to answer the movie buffs now. If he had the plans of adapting themes and scenes he could have credited the titles and directors. Adapting is not a crime but offering so called homage to world cinema that too by spoofing their elements is just like making oneself fool with old wine in a new bottle! Everyone knows the taste!

Content in any form, whether for the websites, blogs, articles or the film script needs to be original in thought and concept, free of any sort of plagiarism. It is wise to opt for best and professional content writers who are well versed in developing unique and appealing content. There are a number of professional companies that hire dedicated content writers or copywriters for ensuring the best and top notch job being delivered. If you are also interested in seeking help of such companies, think no more! Webvriksha, a digital marketing company specialized in advertising, media and communication services is here to offer you plagiarism free content by expert content writers and will make your experience about varieties of content a simple cakewalk and help you avoid stepping on thin ice.

Digital Marketing : Pre-requisite for business promotion

Internet has become an indispensable part our lives and has much more to offer us in coming years. May it be research, education or business promotion in every field internet serves your need. So why not take help of this wizard for developing our business. When you build your own business you need to take care of lots of issues related to its promotion amongst the audience. It has never been easy for an entrepreneur to achieve success without putting efforts in advertising. Developing the profile of a company can be a tedious job but with latest marketing trends you can very easily propagate your business to a large number of customers. You can reach customers all over the world in no time. Making use of internet for business expansion gives you a platform to perform better than your competitors.

Digital marketing though sounds new but has already spread its wings amongst the corporate world. It helps in promoting a business through digital medium like internet or mobile thus reaching millions of customers in a moment. Many  small and large businesses are following the strategies of online marketing to endorse themselves globally. It includes tools like SEO, email, RSS, pay per click, blogging, instant messaging, social media, video streaming podcasting and many  more. Through digital marketing it is easy to collect the feedback reports or number of readers instantly unlike the traditional media like T.V, radio or hoardings. In online advertising users can themselves search for any product and grab the  information related to that product on any website and can give their feedback instantly. This eventually helps the entrepreneurs to upgrade themselves in a specific domain. Moreover you can make a long-lasting impact on your target   viewers at a faster rate.

It is very important for a company to implement suitable online marketing strategies in order to attain better ranking in search engines. For adequate digital marketing you can approach various digital marketing agencies which can aid you  dramatically to achieve your target level. These agencies carry out the task methodically keeping in mind the specific needs. For a company targeting professionals they make use of mobiles, emails, RSS, voice broadcast or websites which is   referred to as push marketing. Pull marketing is advertising content through banner ads or pay per click. A digital agency makes use of latest innovative methods in marketing your business online thereby saving your time and money  contrasting traditional methods of promotion. You should make sure that the agency which you have selected is integrating social media like you Tube, Facebook and Twitter for your successful branding. The content of a website plays a crucial  role in attracting more readers for your website. The writers of the digital agency should be adept in inspiring your frequent readers to become your customers.

BigB now on Facebook to connect with his fans

A legendary actor of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan who has several epithets like star of the millennium, superstar and megastar to his name, successfully reached out to millions of his fans through micro-blogging site Twitter. The success and overwhelming response to his highly active Twitter account and regular tumblr blogs inspired BigB to join Facebook.


Yes! You read it right! BigB is all set to harness the magic wand of Facebook page to keep his admirers updated about the latest information regarding his professional and personal life.

In his mission to connect to his fans and well-wishers all across the world, Amitabh Bachchan started his blogs in 2008 and later in 2010, he started voice blog named Bol Bachchan. His active Twitter account has millions of followers. According to him, he could learn a lot by connecting with common people and that social sites like Twitter or blogs are wonderful medium to express one’s thoughts and feelings and get immediate response.

We have seen that as an avid blogger, BigB has been sharing his professional or personal experiences. He had been updating his fans and followers about the latest happenings in his life – be it about his ailments or his granddad status.

Amitabh feels that his official Facebook page was long overdue and takes the opportunity to use the medium for posting some exclusive pictures of his movies and private collection. He also wants to update information about his upcoming show videos or movies etc and remain connected with fans.

It’s for sure that just like his interesting tweets and blog posts, his updates on Facebook page will grab eyeballs!

Today, actors and celebrities are seen to tap the benefits of social media platforms for reaching out to their admirers. Digital marketing agency also implements similar strategies. They use social media as a tool for informing the masses about the latest information or product launches by different companies. Whether you are an individual or a business entrepreneur, you can approach a Digital marketing agency to know more about how to use such social media platforms for promoting your brand or company in an effective manner.

Yes, a reputed Digital marketing agency like Webvriksha, can help you in gaining creative and interesting marketing strategies along with viral ideas to engage with more fans on your page. Isn’t it interesting? So what are you waiting for? Just pull up your socks and explore the benefits the digital world brings for you!