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Digital Marketing : Pre-requisite for business promotion

Internet has become an indispensable part our lives and has much more to offer us in coming years. May it be research, education or business promotion in every field internet serves your need. So why not take help of this wizard for developing our business. When you build your own business you need to take care of lots of issues related to its promotion amongst the audience. It has never been easy for an entrepreneur to achieve success without putting efforts in advertising. Developing the profile of a company can be a tedious job but with latest marketing trends you can very easily propagate your business to a large number of customers. You can reach customers all over the world in no time. Making use of internet for business expansion gives you a platform to perform better than your competitors.

Digital marketing though sounds new but has already spread its wings amongst the corporate world. It helps in promoting a business through digital medium like internet or mobile thus reaching millions of customers in a moment. Many  small and large businesses are following the strategies of online marketing to endorse themselves globally. It includes tools like SEO, email, RSS, pay per click, blogging, instant messaging, social media, video streaming podcasting and many  more. Through digital marketing it is easy to collect the feedback reports or number of readers instantly unlike the traditional media like T.V, radio or hoardings. In online advertising users can themselves search for any product and grab the  information related to that product on any website and can give their feedback instantly. This eventually helps the entrepreneurs to upgrade themselves in a specific domain. Moreover you can make a long-lasting impact on your target   viewers at a faster rate.

It is very important for a company to implement suitable online marketing strategies in order to attain better ranking in search engines. For adequate digital marketing you can approach various digital marketing agencies which can aid you  dramatically to achieve your target level. These agencies carry out the task methodically keeping in mind the specific needs. For a company targeting professionals they make use of mobiles, emails, RSS, voice broadcast or websites which is   referred to as push marketing. Pull marketing is advertising content through banner ads or pay per click. A digital agency makes use of latest innovative methods in marketing your business online thereby saving your time and money  contrasting traditional methods of promotion. You should make sure that the agency which you have selected is integrating social media like you Tube, Facebook and Twitter for your successful branding. The content of a website plays a crucial  role in attracting more readers for your website. The writers of the digital agency should be adept in inspiring your frequent readers to become your customers.

BigB now on Facebook to connect with his fans

A legendary actor of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan who has several epithets like star of the millennium, superstar and megastar to his name, successfully reached out to millions of his fans through micro-blogging site Twitter. The success and overwhelming response to his highly active Twitter account and regular tumblr blogs inspired BigB to join Facebook.


Yes! You read it right! BigB is all set to harness the magic wand of Facebook page to keep his admirers updated about the latest information regarding his professional and personal life.

In his mission to connect to his fans and well-wishers all across the world, Amitabh Bachchan started his blogs in 2008 and later in 2010, he started voice blog named Bol Bachchan. His active Twitter account has millions of followers. According to him, he could learn a lot by connecting with common people and that social sites like Twitter or blogs are wonderful medium to express one’s thoughts and feelings and get immediate response.

We have seen that as an avid blogger, BigB has been sharing his professional or personal experiences. He had been updating his fans and followers about the latest happenings in his life – be it about his ailments or his granddad status.

Amitabh feels that his official Facebook page was long overdue and takes the opportunity to use the medium for posting some exclusive pictures of his movies and private collection. He also wants to update information about his upcoming show videos or movies etc and remain connected with fans.

It’s for sure that just like his interesting tweets and blog posts, his updates on Facebook page will grab eyeballs!

Today, actors and celebrities are seen to tap the benefits of social media platforms for reaching out to their admirers. Digital marketing agency also implements similar strategies. They use social media as a tool for informing the masses about the latest information or product launches by different companies. Whether you are an individual or a business entrepreneur, you can approach a Digital marketing agency to know more about how to use such social media platforms for promoting your brand or company in an effective manner.

Yes, a reputed Digital marketing agency like Webvriksha, can help you in gaining creative and interesting marketing strategies along with viral ideas to engage with more fans on your page. Isn’t it interesting? So what are you waiting for? Just pull up your socks and explore the benefits the digital world brings for you!

Time for brands to act smart in social media platforms

Social media is such a platform that provides wings to different brands and companies in well establishing their market rapport. But sometimes this effective marketing tool makes a brand goof up in several ways. Most often social media communication is taken as a broadcast message and the brands keep communicating their messages being least bothered or concerned about what the audience wants to converse or are talking about. Many do not realize that social media is a continuous part of any business and is more of an ongoing process rather than just a mere marketing campaign that needs to be executed and strategized accordingly.

It is very essential for brands to respond and listen to the views and opinions of customers. They should have a proactive customer response strategy and integrate their sales, marketing and customer service data for mapping people across other channels and not just socially.

The first name that pops up in mind when we think of connecting with people on social platforms is FACEBOOK. Very true! Isn’t it? We have seen that lately several brands have invested on social media as part of their marketing campaigns. Social media platform like Facebook provides an exceptional opportunity to brands in keeping touch with their fans and prospective customers. They get added benefits in terms of real time engagement with fans, better visibility as well as promotion of offline activities.

Today brick and mortar stores are passé with social networks that provide the fuel for business operations providing information about latest product launches and influencing buying decisions of people. No one can deny that social media has brought about Click and mortar trend with easy methods for connecting, engaging and influencing people towards any particular brand or business.

Just like other brands, Volkswagen also intends to reach out to its potential customers and enhance its brand presence online through social media platforms.


Volkswagen, the German automobile major, recognized among world’s top 25 largest companies by the Forbes Global 2000 in 2011, has been ruling the global automobile market since long decades. It has also taken the Indian 4 wheeler market segment with a storm with its range of cars like- Bentley, Audi, Skoda, Scania, SEAT, Bugatti and Lamborghini.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter gives vent to customers with the freedom to speak and share their grievances. Good posts or more likes can build the rapport of any brand or business while negative remarks about any online brand can easily dip it in the ocean of disaster and mar its reputation. Recently a post by a Volkswagen customer on Volkswagen India facebook page about his grievances relating to poor service by its authorized dealer shook the brand. The brand had no other option than to apologize for such an act and asked the customer to get in touch with Volkswagen headquarters customer service.

Thus it is evident that creating a brand reputation online is easy but maintaining it is quite difficult. Hence, in this era of digitalization, where people are actively participating in interactive platforms, brands should give a second thought before creating any online presence of theirs and be ready to take up appreciation and negative feedbacks from customers.

If you are planning to have a good online brand presence but do not want to use your novice social media skills, then it is wise to approach social media marketing experts in Mumbai. Webvriksha, a reputed digital marketing company has a team of social media marketing experts in Mumbai, who can let you remain stress free regarding all your social media activities. Smart! Isn’t it? So, do a bang up job today and look forsocial media marketing experts in Mumbai to let your brand or business soar heights of success in the online world.