ONLINE Media spelling doom for TRADITIONAL Media

All of us have witnessed an unimaginable growth of online media in recent decades, isn’t it? In fact, the rapidly magnifying stature of online media is seen as a threat for the old or traditional media. Earlier print medium of communicating news and views happened to be the lone choice for the people. Although with the course of time Radio and Television joined the mainstream and were instant hit with the masses but even then these modern forms of media were unable to stand as a stern replacement for the newspapers.

However, with ever increasing user traffic converging on various social media platforms and online portals to meet their needs for news is a worrying trend and it is starting to spell doom for the age old broadsheet. Hike in the prices of the traditional media resources is cited as a prime cause behind the shift of user orientation towards new media. To compensate its low market share as compared to free online news sources and social media content, newspapers have raised their worth.

Users are granted absolute free access to majority of the social media websites and most online news sources. To add to its popularity instant access to facts and figures through diverse channels of information are enhancing user’s gratification in the realm of online media. By all means traditional media is starring at a bleak future and things don’t look like getting changed.

Traditional media conglomerates have a strong presence in Twitter, Facebook or even Google+. World leaders in print such as The Times, The New York Times and The Guardian are appearing online as e-papers just as to cope up with changing dynamics of media.


Online media although criticized for its unregulated freedom of expression has given periphery voices a chance to make them heard. Research reveals youngsters are more inclined to Facebook for their current affair queries than newspapers. Digital and social media are the need of day for Gen-Y. If we go by statistical trends, in coming years one can only imagine traditional media sources in museums and history books.

The digital revolution has influenced our lives to such an extent that instead of dipping their toe in the pool, now the traditional media should dive in, head first to gain an edge over online media.

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