Social Media- A boon or bane?

In recent years, Social media has come of age in terms of its potency as a platform to exercise and expand democracy as a weapon to fight against prevailing societal evils. Some of the incidents took centre stage and became historical movements just because of their presence in social media. Social media has time and again proved its efficacy in turning issues into agenda. Anna Hazare’s movement would not have gathered so much of T.R.P if it was not backed by social media platforms. Same can be cited for Yoga Guru Ramdev’s protest.


PM Manmohan Singh recently expressed concern over spreading of hate messages across social media platform to spark communal tension as a worrying trend. Apart from these, there are volumes of controversies that popped up recently having connection with social media platforms. Instances like- Arundhati Roy’s open support for Naxalism , criticism against Kapil Sibal and many more are worth mentioning.

The most recent entry to the list is arrest of cartoonist Aseem Trivedi for his controversial cartoons. Sedition charges were brought against him though he was released later on bail.


No coin is devoid of flip sides and social media is no exception. Some people use it for their own vested interest and diminish the stature of social platforms with its ill use. So called celebrities like Poonam ‘Strip’ Pandey and a league of fellow extraordinary ladies and gentlemen see this platform of convergence as a recliner for promoting adultery.

Also cyber crimes are on a hike in these social media platforms. Morphing of photos, obscene videos, hacking accounts have proliferated like anything and are very tough to monitor and regulate.

This debate is never ending and ultimately it is left to the discretion of users how they treat this platform of expression and their actions will determine the future course deeds- a regime of ballot or bullet!

India is a democratic country where the citizens have the freedom of speech and expression. Hence, while using social media platforms for expressing one’s views and opinions, it is crucial to think of the impact that will be laid on the mass. A positive impact is welcome but a negative one can mar the democracy. Whether you are a common man, an entrepreneur, a politician or a celebrity, it is very important to remain cautious while addressing the masses through social media.

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