Pin your interests in a different way!

“You raze the old to raise the new.” Well, there is a new kid in the block of social media platforms that is making quite a buzz! No prizes for guessing, it is Pinterest, the social network with a difference!

If you are virgin to this territory, it is a social media platform in which you can browse for unrestrained things and share on your board. You did it with your Facebook ‘wall’. The most enticing thing that will pin you to Pinterest is the re-pinning and raising comments and likes. The last two definitely appears like old wine in a new bottle! What say? Basically it is about searching the world of interest.

Sounds interesting? Now, let’s take you to the real ride! Unless invited by somebody else you can’t sign up with Pinterest unlike any other hooking sites. This makes a statement about its exclusiveness. Pinterest will definitely act as your online diary. You can’t go overboard with your pub update or beach party what Facebook and Twitter allowed you to do. Even professionals and B2B companies can enjoy affiliate marketing through this platform and share images and thoughts that is of some public interest.


Like Facebook, Pinterest allows to share one’s interests with a particular group and vice-versa. You will be sharing plethora of graphic ideas and thoughts with your friends or customers in a pictorial approach.  Even the internet marketers are making hay with this site by promoting their goods more effectively than ever.

People say pictures speak thousand words! Although the site is still in its infancy one can be rest assured about its supremacy in pinning down other social media sites in coming days.

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